3 Common Mistakes People Think Of When Buying Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors have been increasing in popularity over the last year, and you may be thinking about adding them to your home in different ways. These are doors that have a single hinge in the middle of them, and the two portions of the door essentially fold into themselves when you pull the door open. Most commonly, bi-folding doors are used on closet doors, but they can also be used in a master bathroom, a laundry room, a study and other areas of the home. Are you trying to decide if bi-fold doors are right for your home? There are a few common misconceptions about these doors that may be preventing you from making this home improvement today, and clearing them up can help you to make a better decision about the improvements you plan to make to your home.

The Issue of Complexity

Some people falsely believe that bi-folding doors are too complicated and confusing to have in their home. The last thing you want is to install a door that you will struggle to open and close each day. Other people may think that bi-folding doors break frequently and require significant maintenance to keep them in good condition. You certainly do not want to add a feature to your home that complicates your life in any way. The reality is that the doors open and close with ease. You simply apply a small amount of pressure to pull the door open, and it glides gracefully along the track as desired. To close the door, simply push it back into place. There is no hassle or fuss at all. It actually is an easier door style to open than a traditional door with a knob. In most cases, these doors require no maintenance for years. Some people will, however, grease the track from time to time to ensure that the doors open easily as desired without creaking.

The Concern About Space

Because of how Bi Folding Patio Doors London open and close along a track, you may think that you would need a lot of extra space to use them. This is actually not the case, and a closer look will reveal why this is true. Consider that a traditional door must swing outward several feet in order to open and close the door. The entire length of the door swings out. Now, think about the fact that a bi-folding door only swings outward approximately half this distance because of the split design of the door. The reality is that these doors have a compact design, and they are ideal for use in homes where space is a concern. Furthermore, their unique design maximizes the use of light in a room. Light can make a home feel lighter and airier even when it actually has very small dimensions. In this way, the doors can improve ambiance in darker or smaller homes.

The Misconception About Style

You may be familiar with the most basic model of bi-folding doors available. These are rather non-descript, white doors that have a single pull to open and close them. However, there are an extensive range of colors, styles and finishes available to choose from. Arkay Windows is a London company that offers an incredible selection of options, and you can explore the website at www.arkaywindows.com to find the ideal look for your home. From modern to classic and everything in between, you can find the ideal look to add style to your space. The knobs and pulls can also be customized so that you achieve the ideal finished look that adds beauty and style to your home.

Choosing an improvement to add to your property is not a matter to take lightly. Some materials will affect style and functionality as well as maintenance needs, value and more over the years. You may now be aware that many of the notions you held about bi-folding doors are actually misconceptions. These are incredible features that are increasing in popularity in homes today because of how beneficial they are in rooms and closets throughout the home. Now is a great time to explore some of the styles available and to find the right bi-folding doors to add to various areas of your property.