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Weighing in Choices Between a Public and a Private School

Private schools are those which are not run by local, state, or national governments and keep the right to be selective of the students they accept. These schools are funded mostly on the whole by the tuition that their students pay in exchange for the schooling and training they get. Another name by which they are called is nonstate school.

Even though sending your child to private school may mean spending more to have your child educated, as a parent, you want to make the best choice for your child.

Some biases exist for and against both types of school, private and public. Some believe that private schools are superior in every way, but others also contend that public schools have better science and sports programs. So it can be a real challenge just picking the right preschool for your child.
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Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the choice depends on what is more suitable for the child you are trying to place. Being the parent makes you the best person to tell whether a school is the best fit for your child.
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Ask others what they think but do not rely solely on that to make the decision. Look at several different schools, if possible. For each type, do at least two for comparison. Have a look around the school's facilities and gauge from that whether it would be a safe place for you child. When the child you are trying to place has special needs, check if the school has the right facilities.

There are parents who consider private schools when enrolling a special child with learning disabilities like dyslexia. It could be because there are private schools which are really geared toward teaching children with special needs.

Later on, you may even decide to send your child to another type of middle school when your child comes of age. When you get there, it will be another matter for serious consideration, but at this point, it is important that you pick the right one for your preschool age child.

Check out the list below which outlines some considerations in finalizing your decision.

Money matters - Private schools do cost more because they have to find the means to operate, as opposed to public schools which get their funding from the government.

Admission and enrollment - Public schools cannot turn away students; they are required to accept all, but private schools retain the right to be more selective.

Teachers - State schools require that their teachers be certified. There are some who may not be certified as yet, but are working toward it. Teachers working in private schools may or may not choose to be certified because they are not required. Certification ensures that teachers have fully completed the requirements of their course.

Curriculum - The public school curriculum is whatever is approved by the state. On the other hand, a private institution can decide on its own curriculum, which can either be a higher or a lower standard.

No one can force a decision on you with regard to picking your child's school. It is your child who is important when making your decision. So choose wisely.