5 Best Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans in India you should buy this summer

One of the most primary and essential need in the Indian homes is the ceiling fans. Apart from being a necessity and cooling tool in our summers, we hardly think anything beyond it about the ceiling fans. We never chose ceiling fans on any major perspective and bring upon an attractive looking or either cheap ceiling fan. But for your kind information, Ceiling fans are the ones, which adds up to your electricity bill. Yes, they consume much more electricity than your lights.

The power consumption is highly ignored factor while purchasing ceiling fans which is why the Bureau of Energy Efficiency started the ratings of 1200 mm ceiling fans forcing manufacturers to come up with power saving ceiling fans. So here, we present to you the top 5 ceiling fans which save electricity during the summer time in India.

5 best energy efficient ceiling fans

There are various brands of ceiling fans available in India and the top brands providing low electricity consumption ceiling fans are:-

Atomberg Gorilla Energy Saving BLDC Ceiling Fan

One of the most energy efficient ceiling fans is the Atomberg Gorilla fan. Consuming only 28 watts of electricity while having Air delivery of 220 CMM, the ceiling fan comes with a remote having Boost, Timer and sleep mode for your convenience. There is hardly any humming voice heard once the ceiling fan is on. The air throw is quite good making your summers less warm. The ceiling fan comes with 3 years of warranty and is said to save Rs 1500 every year on your electricity bill. If you want to check out its specifications in detail, check out their website here.

Orient Ecotech 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

The Orient fan with eco technology is the savior from scorching summer heat. In Indoor, it does not let you feel the heat of summer days and night. The power consumption is said to be only 32 watts with air delivery of 220 CMM. The ceiling fan comes with 6 months manufacturing warranty as well.

Usha Technix 5 Star Ceiling Fan

Usha is one brand in electronics, which has been able to maintain its trust among customers since years.  The Usha fan is meant to consume less power, only 43 watts with air delivery of 220 CMM. The Glossy Finish Ceiling Fan is attractive in design and provides the comfort indoors in summer. The fan does not make much of the noise while it’s on and provides uniform cooling all day long.

Havells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling Fan

Havells fans are known to be best in the industry, be it the operations, functionalities or price. With energy saving ceiling fan consuming only 50 watts having air delivery of 215 CMM, Havells fan offers comfort and calm indoors from the heat. The ceiling fan comes with 2 year of warranty which has powerful motor providing cooling even at the corners of the room. The 5-star energy rating fan even if switched on for a whole day would consume less electricity and ultimately will save your power bills.

Crompton HS Plus Power Saver Ceiling Fan

The 5-star energy rating ceiling fan by BEE, Crompton ceiling fan is reliable when it comes to low noise performance and high air throw. Consuming only 53 watts of power, the ceiling fan sure will help you save those extra bucks. With high angle blades promising to cool in each part of the room, your house would not be as warm as the outside weather. The fan comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty too.


The above-listed energy efficient ceiling fans are ranked by the BEE-based upon the Service Value it provides to the customers. All of these fans are of 1200 mm sweep and consumes the least electricity thus saving your hard-earned money!