Are Tankless Water Heaters a Waste of Money?

Many consumers question if shifting to tankless water heater will really help lower their electric or gas bill. While this is just normal, the main reason for being skeptic at first would be the huge cost that one must consider when they have decided to buy one.

Traditional water heaters may require you to spend about $500 to be able to set-up the equipment and have it ready for use. It is also most of the time compatible for the current setting that you may have at home so expenses on repairs and upgrades are very minimal or none. On the other hand, considering a tankless water heater would likely be more than $1000 just to get the unit itself. This does not include still the installation cost and any other materials that may be required for most upgrades.

Looking at these initial comparisons, tankless water heaters clearly may cost two times more that what you have to spend on a traditional type. So why would you consider it if you will only be spending more?

Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

In order to get a better understanding on how you will be able to save, knowing how both works is very important. With the traditional water heater, water is stored in the tank. This will then be heated by the motor until it reaches a certain temperature. If the household is not using the water for some time, the motor will have to work on reheating it until it is consumed. This means more wasted energy which results to higher monthly consumption on electricity or gas.

Looking at how tankless water heater work, you would realize that it is indeed more efficient. It does not need any tanks to store water and will not use energy until you need to use the water. The unit of a tankless water heater allows water to pass through its pipes that is heated when turned on. As a result, it works only if you use the tap and turns off automatically when you are done. It also saves space at home since it is usually fixed on the walls unlike traditional type where in you need to assign a place for the tank.

Consider it as an Investment

Switching to tankless water heater is a form of investment. You first have to pay a higher amount and later on enjoy the monthly savings that you will get on your monthly bill. Based on research, there is about 20{243d92d8fbab5297c3bbcb399bd2a8297b8778bf0089d5880be68ebe45bc42c3} of savings that a consumer can get by using tankless water heaters. This is due to the fact that your energy is used more efficiently. Although the return on your investment may not be seen right away, knowing that most tankless water heaters last for about 15 to 20 years is something to look forward to.


Overall, if you are planning to switch to tankless water heater, it is advisable to check tankless water heater reviews first so that you can choose the best for your house.  There are different features to consider as well as the size and type that you wanted to use. Comparing the price and making sure it can accommodate all the users is also helpful to avoid problems such as not being able to supply the water needed when there are multiple users.

While it is greatly expected that you might have additional expenses when it comes to installation and upgrades, make the most out of your investment by getting only the right people to work on it. There are a lot of professionals that you can search online that’s near your area that can ensure the right job done and for your tankless water heater to work properly and effectively.