Electrical Welding Techniques For Beginners

Welding techniques are sought after by some people who want to learn welding. This technique can we get vocational or technical school bench. However, for the layman who wants to open a welding repair business, for example, they tend to have no time to study formally. Therefore, we will give you some welding tips that we hope will help us all to learn how to weld good and right.

Before proceeding, if the electrical welding method we describe later is not the same or different impressed with the technique you apply, you may wonder why the different welding techniques. The purpose of this article is to share knowledge about welding. Especially electrical welding. If there is a difference in your technique, you can benefit from this article as a reference only, For more information you can visit welding in calgary.

The connection of two or more metals together with a search by smelting an arc or an electric fire as a hot electric source. Its use as a Source of fire is divided into two:

  1. Las electrical resistance

  2. Las electric arc flame

Electric resistance welding is a welding process that is carried out by means of electric current through the plane or the surface of the works piece is in the dial or in weld. The resistance which will arise by electric current in the touch plane will make useful hot and melt surface hold.

Thus, the pressure applied between the work of two materials will cause a mixture between two sheets to join.

While the electric welding fire arc welding is done by converting the electric current into heat to melt or melt the surface of the object to be connected and generate electricity through the arc flame electrode.

The current process of difference is due to the electric voltage between the two poles, is the labor and the electrode voltage. This difference is called the arc voltage.

Great tension between 20 volts and 40 volts. Electrical welding techniques also you can see on portable calgary welding and will be more understanding by looking at the tutorial