First Aid When Ac Split Experiencing a Disorder

When an electronic device including AC Split is interrupted so that it can not work optimally usually people will immediately call the AC service personnel. But actually some problems you can solve yourself so there is no need to request assistance AC repair service. To add your insights about this one electronic device here is the full review.

Frequent damage to Split AC and its solutions

Here are some common annoyances in Split AC and some things you can do to handle it.

1.AC was not cold

When these conditions occur try to do the following steps.

  • Check the remote control whether the operation mode feature is in the col position or not. If not then you just replace it on the cool feature.
  • Observe whether the temperature setting is too high? If so promptly lower it. The ideal temperature setting for climate in Indonesia is on lift 23 or 24 degrees.
  • Perform an inspection on the outdoor unit whether to get a flow of power from the indoor unit marked with the fan motor on the outside of this rotating. If there is no rotation means there is no electricity from the indoor unit. If you get interrupted like that just Contact us


2 .Split AC die


When the air conditioner suddenly turns off try checking the MCB located on the power supply box.

  • Check if the MCB indicates the AC power supply is down. If so promptly raise it again.
  • Check the fuses that are on the plug as well as the PCB AC component. Immediately replace with a new fuse if the fuse is broken.
  • Check the power supply transformer located on the PCB component whether it works properly.

When you have upgraded AC power, replace the fuse on the PCB component as well as plug it with a new one then Split AC is ready to be restarted. If after turn on suddenly the power back down means there is another cause of this condition, i.e the AC on the air conditioning precisely on the outdoor unit or compressor has experienced body contact. Another possibility is that the MCB used as AC power supply has an ampere value that is too small.


Well, hopefully information about the general damage to AC Split can help you.