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Everything You Need to Know About Airless Paint Sprayers If you're looking into an airless paint sprayer, there are probably two primary features that you find attractive. The first is that it can speed up your work significantly. In fact, you can often apply the paint twice as fast as with a traditional paintbrush. Secondly, they are great for those who like to have a perfectly smooth finish without the need to have lots of skill as a painter. As far as price goes, they are typically in the range of around $200. You might think that the more you spend, the better the product. While this is true to some extent, even the less expensive models will go a long way toward easing your job as a painter. There's also the decision of buying vs. renting. Buying outright is the best option if you have several projects lined up. In contrast, consider renting if your work will be relatively short-lived and you don't like the idea of handling cleaning and maintenance.
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You might also wonder how these even work. The overall mechanism is not that complicated: the motor pushes the paint through a hose, and out of the detachable tip. The tip sprays the paint in a wide, fanned pattern that encompasses a large region. Once you get some practice, it won't be hard to paint walls, doors, and even furniture with a professional-looking outcome. Above all, the impressive speed of these devices ensures that you will be able to work efficiently. Whether you are a single DIY enthusiast or an experienced professional painter, you'll be able to complete large jobs if you own an airless sprayer.
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Now let's look at the disadvantages that airless sprayers can have. The main one is potential wastage, since not all the paint particles are used effectively. Some of it can even end up settling on to surfaces you weren't aiming at. Depending on what kind of work you're doing, you can end up wasting a decent percentage of the overall volume. This leads to the second major drawback: the extra time and effort needed to cover up surrounding areas. You might think that keeping your work outdoors would limit any danger, but there's always the risk of paint residue ending up on plants or other peoples' property. Afterward, it also takes extra time to clean the paint form the tip and the hose. This could be an extra benefit of renting, since you can avoid cleaning the sprayer's filters if you don't own the unit. Hopefully, this article has helped you determine if airless paint sprayers are for you. In many cases, they can be far more useful than typical paint rollers.