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CHOOSING AN AIRFRYER. Air frying is a concept that has to draw the attention of many chefs all over the world because it involves deep frying without the worries of cooking with large quantities of hot oil which pose a significant danger and it is also a health risk to consumers. This fryer has numerous befits to both cooks and ultimate consumers of food. The fryer functions by aiming a hot air over and around the food which is in a container or holder. The container is in a drawer which slots into the top of the appliance thus you do not need to lower food into hot oil. You set the cooking temperature using a simple thermostat, as well as the period using a rotary timer. At the end of cooking, the fryer goes off. The basket divider allows you to cook several foods simultaneously. This machine can prepare almost all the fried food stuff with a lot of ease. Not forgetting desserts and brownies which you can make using this air fryer and much more foods which you would not imagine. This feature brings out the versatility of the machine. It can compare to a convection stove.
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A majority of people buy the air fryer purposefully to prepare chips only. Airfryer is outstanding in cooking chips. Just dedicate some time to research the easiest way to use the machine - the best type of potatoes to use, the right cooking period and so on- you will end up very impressed with the outcome. It is worth recalling that you should add a small quantity of cooking oil - you will need to add around half of a tablespoon of oil every time. The air fryer does not take a lot of time during cooking, and it compares well with other types of cooking such as deep frying or oven baking.
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It has a reasonable size, and it does not utilize a lot of space as compared to other food processors, but it is spectacular and has an impressive design. The fryer parts that come into contact with food are dishwasher secure, and this will give you an easy time when cleaning. It has a how to use manual to kick start you, as well as a recipe booklet with 30 various dishes for you to attempt. The Philips Airfryer performs very well as expected of it. You can achieve your health targets suppose you want to reduce your use of the excess of oil in cooking. As you will be gaining from health benefits, you will also be enjoying great tastes of food.