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Saving Space with Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds are often considered a fun alternative to traditional beds for kids, but they are also a terrific choice for those who need to create additional space in their home. Apart from the obvious space generated simply from stacking two beds on top of one another, contemporary bunk beds offer a host of additional space-saving features.

Many bunk beds today have built in drawers underneath the bottom bunk for quick and easy storage. Some also have a full-size dresser built into the frame of the bed. This eliminates the need for a dresser to be placed in the room leaving much needed space for other furniture. If a bed is purchased that doesn’t come with either of these features, boxes and bins can still be stored under the bunk bed. Many stores carry containers that resemble dresser drawers to be used for this purpose.

Today’s bunk beds can serve multiple purposes. Lofted beds, in particular, can help to address unique storage needs. Modern versions often consist of a bed with a desk either built in or placed beneath. Others come with a futon attached to the frame. This option is most often associated with college dormitories, where space is at a premium, but can also be used quite successfully in the home as a space saving alternative.

Bunk beds are an excellent choice for those who have frequent guests but do not have an extra bedroom. Place the bed in a child’s room and designate the bottom bunk for guests. For kids who have frequent sleepovers, some styles also include a twin sized trundle bed that pulls out from beneath the bottom bunk.

Because of their compact size, bunk beds can be used in a variety of spaces. Create an impromptu guest room in a large walk-in closet or use a bunk bed/futon combination in a cramped studio apartment. A lofted bed with a desk underneath would be an excellent way for a room to multi-task as a home office and an occasional guest room.

Bunk beds provide an interesting method of creating or saving space in the home. Whatever your storage needs may be-for a kid’s room, a guest room, or a dormitory-bunk beds provide terrific storage solutions. Whether you need to conserve space in a bedroom or create a sleeping space in another area of the home, imagination is your only limitation. Browse through this catalogue to purchase one of the many varieties of bunk beds available today.