Smart Tools for Securing Homes from Intruders

There is no worst feeling other than feeling insecure in your own home. Of course, there are some benchmarks one can take to secure his property - Move to a safer location, install lighting around the perimeter of the house, or maintain guard dogs.

However, technology has made affordable home security systems affordable for home installations. Today, we are going to review the home safety system above the usual home alarm and glance at some smart inventions to improve the security of your home. Set one up to ensure the safety of you and your family at home.

Additional Extras for System Security


Increase the value of the alarm system by adding broken glass sensors to your windows and doors, as well as motion-sensing scanners for the outside of the home. Often, these two tools can be incorporated into the home security system package. Motion sensors are one of the best ways to ensure security of entrance access - main doors, balconies, terraces - will be great without having a drastic increase in your electricity bill. If the budget is limited, you can even create your own simple motion scanner.

Home Security System in Hand

An easy way to get into the world of technology and home security, check apps like AtHome Camera. This app allows you to monitor your home via remote video streamed directly to your smartphone, with live broadcast capability via 3G / 4G or WiFi connection. Other technologies such as Smart Things allow users to see what's happening at home when users are outdoors with motion scanners, keys, light switches, and more.


The ultimate all-in-one Home Protection Tool

Imagine a smart home security system that scans motion, air temperature, air quality, even sound with HD cameras and security sensors. A device that can be controlled from a smartphone and can be monitored from anywhere using a mobile app. The Canary team has provided it. The tool can be sent internationally if you want to see more tool to protect your home, just visit this link

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