The Importance of Cleanliness for Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you already know that certain guidelines must be followed for food handling. Did you know that the cleanliness of all areas is another crucial factor? Because there are so many people in both the kitchen and dining area, the risk of transmitting germs is quite high.

Dining Areas are the First Impression

When customers enter your restaurant, the first area they will see is the dining room. This is an area that can keep your customers coming back and attract new ones or it can turn them away. If you go to a restaurant with dirty tables, chairs, floors, and restrooms, it is likely that you will not stay. Visitors judge your establishment on appearance. If it appears unkempt, they will assume the kitchen is not clean either.


Floors that are not kept clean not only detract from the appearance of your restaurant, but the pose a safety hazard. If an employee or a customer should slip and fall, you can be held liable for their injuries. Employees must be trained to clean up spills immediately to prevent accidents. Posting signs warning of wet floors is another safety precaution, particularly in bad weather.

Keeping Surfaces Clean

It is extremely important to keep surfaces where food is prepared clean and sanitary. Dining tables as well as counters and bar tops should be sanitized with clean towels that are used only for this purpose. Towels that are used in the kitchen and restrooms should be kept separate from the ones used in areas where customers consume food and drinks. One example of a company that offers industrial wiping rags is Reclaimed Textiles Co.

When your restaurant is kept clean and sanitary, you will have less worries. The health department will inspect to make sure their guidelines are being followed. If not, they have the authority to shut your business down. In addition, people will notice if it is clean or not, and this affects if they will patronize your restaurant.