This Japanese Style Minimalist House is Worthy of Imitation

Asian houses such as Japanese houses are usually thick with a calming atmosphere in accordance with the Zen philosophy. Minimalist Japanese house design aims to make the residents learn to be grateful for simplicity and unity with nature. Here is a Japanese home inspiration that you can imitate the design of the domestic architect Sakura with the theme "House in Hamamatsu".For mor information you can visit this link popular parquet patterns.

Nuance of Comfortable Nature
Once entering the front gate of the house, we will be greeted by a stretch of green plants are neatly equipped with a ladder of white cement that is left as is. One of the most noticeable features of a Japanese house is the minimal sliding door. Some lights on the front porch with yellow light give the impression of its own warmth. The walls and houses of thick wooden shades are visible even before entering the house. When you set foot on Genkan or lower floor of the entrance, we are expected to take off the shoes so as not to make the floor dirty.

Warm Color Chocolate and White
The color of Japanese home palette is warm and usually taken from natural colors. As seen in this family room, we will be greeted by a long white sofa suitable for relaxing all day. Sofa green moss also become the most comfortable place in TV watching room this one. TV table with wood material and smooth surface look match with old brown ceiling equipped with lights shining white. In addition to watching TV, this family room also has a neat white bookcase. Very comfortable and fun!

Tatami: Traditional Japanese Floor

The existence of tatami is very important for the Japanese. The number of tatami or mat this became one of the determinants in designing the size of the house. When entering the tatami is not allowed to use shoes or footwear because it can damage tatami which is the result of weaving of reed or straw plants. This multifunctional room can be used for eating, drinking tea, sleeping, or just relaxing.