ADONIS Ukraine

Have you ever experienced qualitative medical treatment that meets all your requests and wishes? 

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is exactly the right choice for it. We provide a certificated medical environment with the most experienced staff. Therefore, your health and procreation is under the highest control.

ADONIS main foundations are stable and defined - we care about the total safety, we reach the highest efficiency and we provide total support throughout the whole treatment process. 

There is no exception in informational awareness - our coordinators are always in  touch and ready to help, whenever you are. 

Let’s answer the most required questions about ADONIS Medical Group of Companies for people from the whole world.

What is ADONIS Medical Group of Companies?

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is a multi-profiled treatment cooperation with long-term experience and its own technological basis. 

All medical processes are carried out in clinics in Ukraine, Kyiv - up-to-date capital in the center of Europe. 

The whole range of qualitative services include Fertility centers (with Surrogacy Department), Maternity Hospitals, Pediatrics, Diagnosis laboratory, Donor database, Embryo laboratory, Cryo bank, etc. 

Moreover, there is a special ADONIS Fertility International Headquarter in the USA for the advanced comfort and support of the patients from the USA and Canada. 

We create the best environment for your treatment.

Whether ADONIS provides Assisted Reproductive Technologies? 

One of the leading treatment directions of ADONIS clinics is Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). We have already helped thousands of families from the whole world to reach parental happiness. 

You can benefit from IVF, IUI, IVF and ICSI, Surrogacy (with different kinds of Donation on request), Frozen embryo transfer, Pre implantation genetic screening (the newest Neonatology Department) - all possible services in the sphere of Reproductology is available in ADONIS Ukraine

What is the price level for ADONIS Programs?

ADONIS services are known for the highest quality and efficiency. ADONIS Programs are developed in cooperation with experienced specialists that know every nuance of the treatment process, that’s why they include both medical and non-medical adds. 

We provide the lowest and the most affordable prices for Programs, which include everything you need for the full treatment - IVF from 5199$, IUI from 503$, Surrogacy from 35 858$. 

Please, pay your attention that the final price depends on your request and initial health.

No additional costs or payments - the best price/quality ratio from ADONIS.

How can I start the ADONIS Program? 

It is really easy to start the ADONIS Program or get more information about the processes with our qualified coordinators which are in touch 24/7. Indeed, we have more than 20 professionals from the International Department to provide support for our foreign patients.  

There are no borders for the high class treatment in ADONIS. Follow our website and contact us to start the ADONIS Program right now.

Total awareness about the medical princesses of your treatment gives you more confidence. Give yourself more confidence with ADONIS professional support and qualitative treatment. Begin the new chapter of life with us!