Beauty isn't just skin deep. Taking care of your appearance can and does affect your emotional health!

  • Beauty Gift Ideas – Nail Art Gifts

    Nail Art Polish Stamping Manicure Kit- 30 Plate Set with Stamper and Scraper by Salon Designs: This professional set includes 30 unique plates, scraper, and stamper- everything you need to create your own beautiful nail art. Each stainless steel plate features 6 to 10 designs and comes with a protective blue film. This kit saves you time and money- no more trips to the salon! Includes a mix of individual images, full nail, and french tip designs.Includes 30 unique plates with 6 to 10 designs on each plate   Beauty Gift Ideas – Nail Art Gifts Nail art has become very popular. Lots of celebrities and pop stars can be…

  • Beauty Gift Ideas – Create a L’Occitane Gift Basket

    One of the Beauty Gift Ideas for this holiday season is to create a gift basket filled with L’Occitane products, a highly respected company. This company opened its first boutique in France in 1976 and since then has become famous all over the world for its skincare and beauty products used by both men and women. Featured Product: L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream – Everyone deserves to have a little bit of luxury with then as they go about their everyday lives. You could provide that with this tube of L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. This is a nourishing hand balm and it is enriched with 20% Shea butter, making it…

  • Unoboxing Video BzzKit From Kroger Bath n Body

    The Kroger Co. Family of Stores thinks it’s about time you gave yourself the full spa experience. Bath poufs; yummy body washes like energizing Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena or revitalizing Cucumber & Green Tea; soothing lotions enriched with vitamins and nutrients: Your local Kroger Co. store has it all — and for less than the cost of one high-end bath bar.

  • Wet n Wild megaslicks Lip Colour Review

    Last week my lips were so dry it felt like winter rather than the end of summer. Out of desperation, I went to Walgreens one day to see what kind of moisture relief I could get for not a lot of money. My main problem is that I also wanted some color, so plain old lip balm wasn’t going to cut it. I checked out a couple of brands and didn’t see quite what I was looking for. Then, I came to the Wet n Wild section. This brand can be very hit and miss and this specific item is no different. I was attracted to the megaslicks moisturizing lip colour…

  • TLC VoxBox

    TLC VoxBox from Inflenster Review Video

    I also said I would share a photo of my skin again later after the avon product had set in and after I put on makeup. These photos were taken about 3 hours later. My skin is freaking out today and I need a haircut badly,but here you go. I can’t see a difference.

  • Easy Eyeliner Products

      Eyeliner should be easy The eyes are the window to the soul, or so they tell me. But, when your eyeliner is a mess, it’s hard to see past it and into your soul. So, lets take a look at how easy eyeliner should be. by Sisley – WOMEN – Phyto Khol Star Eyeliner – #2 Smoked Topaze –1.5g/0.05oz, Best Price: $68.76, | Shipping: 6.99, Available at Marketplace A true khol eyeliner that can also be used for brows. It has easy application created through oils and soft waxes. Line Exact Defining Eyeliner NO. 610 Brown by CoverGirl for Women – 0.02 oz Eye Liner, Best Price: $4.51,…