Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure, Nearly Nude, 0.45 Ounce

Sally Hansen hard as nails french manicure kit is everything you need for a hard as nails chip-resistant, long-lasting french manicure. 2 steps to a chip-resistant french manicure. Shade preview makes it easy to select the right color for you. Kit contains:1) fashion-forward french shades that won’t chip or fade. 2) hard as nails french white for pure white tips. 3) self-adhesive nail guides for mistake-proof application. 4) hard as nails uv top coat to help prevent chipping, splitting and yellowing. 5) easy step-by-step instructions.

The French manicure is just one example of the type of treatment that women choose in order to improve the look of their nails. This is the most natural looking nail treatment available and can be achieved with your own nails if they are in good condition or you can recreate the look by using artificial acrylic tips.

This style has been around for centuries but the popularity grew during the 1920s in France, hence the name.

What Does the French Manicure Look Like?

This style resembles the natural look of the nail. The base of the nail is normally polished with a clear or pale pink nail varnish and the tips are painted in solid white.

There has been an explosion of new nail salons opening up on almost every street corner and in every shopping mall. This means that you have the opportunity to get your nails done by a professional for quite competitive prices. If money is no object, you could set up a regular appointment to get your nails done or this can be seen as a treat if you are budget conscious.
Alternatively, you can actually learn to recreate this look in the comfort of your own home. It may take a little longer to perfect but with practice, you will get better and you could even end up with a set of nails that look as if they had been done professionally.

How to Create the Look

The following items are needed in order to create the French manicure:

  • A nail buffer
    A nail file
    A base coat
    A pale pink nail varnish
    A white nail varnish
    A top coat
    An orange stick
    A cuticle softener
    French manicure guide tips

Here are the steps needed to perfect a DIY French manicure.

1. Remove any old nail varnish
2. File and shape nails so that they have a square edge
3. Soak your nails in a cuticle softener
4. Dry them off and use the orange stick to ease the cuticle back until they are even
5. Buff each nail to produce a smooth surface
6. Apply the base coat varnish and allow to dry
7. Apply the French manicure guide tips
8. Carefully apply the white varnish around the guide tips and allow to dry
9. Apply a second white coat and allow to dry
10. Remove the guide tips and apply the pale pink nail varnish. Allow to dry
11. Apply a second coat and allow to dry
12. Apply the top coat varnish and allow to dry
13. Your DIY French manicure is now complete.
It will most probably take a while for you to perfect this technique and you may end up with white nail varnish over the main part of your nails. All you need to do is to take a little nail varnish remover to correct the little mistakes and then reapply.


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