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Three Steps To Digital Marketing Work At Home

The Three Steps To Digital Marketing Optimization

featured-clients-2 If you’re like most business owners, attaining a better bottom line is one of your primary professional objectives. Luckily, there are innumerable ways to realize your vision of conversion optimization. One of them is to implement and optimize a high quality digital marketing campaign. Strong digital marketing campaigns are built on three pillars, with each step leading into the next and culminating in conversion. Here are the three steps:

1. Connect.

The first step of making your digital marketing campaign effective is to get and remain connected to your target market. “Connectivity” has become a big buzz word in the online advertising world. Although the term has many meanings, it basically references the process of remaining in constant communication with your prospective customers through as many mediums or “channels” as possible. Luckily, there are many ways that you can optimize this process. One of the most effective ways to put this process in motion is to maintain a website that is optimized for cross compatibility. You can utilize responsive web design techniques to accomplish this objective, and doing so will ensure that people can access your site irrespective of the electronic device they use.

2. Communicate.

After you optimize the process of remaining connected to your client, your next focus should be enhancing the communication process. By constantly exchanging information with your target market, you expedite the process of brand familiarity and make it more likely that they’ll purchase your goods and services. Social media channels are an incredibly effective means through which to optimize the communication process. From a medium like Twitter, you can send your target market quick updates regarding sales or simply say hi and start conversations with them. The blog world is another channel through which you can communicate with your audience. By having Q & A sessions and continually asking your viewers for their feedback, you can stay in constant dialogue with them.

3. Convert.

Once you’ve optimized the process of continually communicating with your target market, converting them into customers becomes much simpler. The process of ongoing communication has made them more and more familiar with your brand, and clients who have returned to your site again and again are likely interested in trying your goods and services out at least once. In some cases, they may need a little prodding to actually make the purchase. There are several ways for you to give them the needed nudge. One strategy you can deploy is the creation of clever, compelling calls to action. The call to action is the point of a post or web article where you ask the viewer to do something. This could be anything from subscribing to an e-newsletter to making a purchase. In addition to prompting the customer to make a purchase with a great call to action, you can use ecommerce website tools offered by companies like Register. Companies like this feature conversion optimization tools such as shopping carts that help make it simple for the prospective customer to buy something.


If you’re ready to attain a better bottom line than ever before, having a strong digital marketing plan in place can help. To optimize your online advertising process, try using the connect/communicate/convert model outlined here. Good luck!

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