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5 Eco Friendly Beauty Products Tips

Everywhere you look it seems like everyone is turning to eco friendly products, so what about converting over to this way of lifestyle as well?

There are little things that you can change in your daily schedule to become earth friendly.

Here we will talk about some of those ways, for you ladies, starting with eco friendly beauty products.


Here are five tips to get you started:



Start with your soap.

There are several different facial soaps out there that can fall into that eco friendly beauty product sector. We want to be sure that it is a soap that is not only good for the earth but something that will offer a healthy clean feel without all the chemical as well.

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Low Watt Light Bulbs

There are several other ways to help your overall look, and stay beautiful. When shopping for eco friendly beauty products did you ever stop to think about the lighting around your makeup mirror? That’s right, lower wattage bulbs fall into this category as well.


Shower Gels and Shampoos

As you getting into the shower stop and think about the water usage, and what you can use for eco friendly beauty products that will help you get fresh and clean in a more natural manner. There are several eco friendly shower gels, soaps and shampoos. Look for Aveeno and other similar brands.

If you don’t see what your looking for in the eco friendly beauty products section of your store, try looking up some homemade recipes for eco friendly soaps and shampoos as well.

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Less Water Usage

Try not to leave the water running while applying all of your great eco friendly beauty products and other cosmetics. People don’t realize all of the water that is wasted while we are at the sink doing other things. This is something that everyone can work on as well.


There are so many great eco friendly beauty products out there that make us sit down and be aware of all the items that are used on a daily basis. If we all take the time to see where we can save on products and energy usage, we can all live in a healthier green planet!

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