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Basic Makeup Products Every Woman Should Own

elf fall palette too The basic makeup products that every woman should have in her bag, should cover these three areas: Makeup for the face, the eyes and the lips.


Makeup for The Face

Products that you need for the face include a good quality foundation, a concealer and a blusher.

The use of foundation makeup is to enhance and to create an even skin tone on your face. It can hide any flaws that you may have.

A concealer is perfect for covering up and masking the blemishes on the skin, like spots and acne scars. It is also good to use in order to remove dark circles , particularly under and around the eyes. A concealer can come in liquid form, as a cream or as a powder and is a good tool for making the the appearance of the skin look uniform in color.

Blusher is a good product to use so that you can highlight your cheekbones. You can decide to use a subtle colour so that it looks natural or you can use a bright colour for a striking effect.


Makeup for The Eyes

The basic makeup products that you should have for the eyes include your eyeshadow, an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and mascara.

Eyeshadow is used to enhance the look of the eye sockets and bring great attention to the area. Subtle and mute tones are suitable for everyday wear but evening makeup can be a little daring and more dramatic.

Eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil helps to bring further definition to the eye area. If you have small eyes, adding a dark shade can help them to stand out more.

Mascara is a great tool for opening up the eyes. Adding a shade to your eyelashes helps them to look thicker too.


Makeup for The Lips

Amazon Image For your lips, you should have a good lipstick, and a complementary lip liner.

A smear of lipstick on your lips can completely change the way that you look. This is all down to the shade that you use. A light colour lipstick is great for day wear but if you choose a bold bright colour like red, then people are going to notice. Just be sure that the colour that you choose matches the rest of your makeup palette.

Although many women use a lipstick on its own, finding a matching lip liner product can help to extend the life of your lipstick so that you do not have to re-apply it as often.

A lip liner defines the contour of your lips and helps to ensure that your lipstick doesn’t stray outside the line.
Find a lip liner that matches completely otherwise the effect will be ruined.


Get a Set Of Good Quality Makeup Brushes

Amazon Image Once you have all your makeup products picked out, you want to apply them to your face properly. One way is to invest in good quality makeup brushes and sponges. These can make a real difference to how makeup sits on the skin so you want to try and get the best tools that you can afford.

Your collection of makeup products doesn’t have to consist of hundreds of different potions and lotions. You can create a really good look just by having the basics.


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