Improve Dental Health With Interdental Brushes

Improve Dental Health With Interdental Brushes

No sane person likes to visit their dentist because there is always that fear that you might have to have work done. Well one way to reduce the possibility of tooth decay is by incorporating the use of an interdental brush into your daily teeth cleaning routine.


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Do you need an easy flossing product that helps you get in those hard-to-reach interdental spaces? Consider the brush that’s clinically proven to remove food and plaque from any space in your mouth. Get Easy Brush Standard to brush your way towards a brighter smile, especially if you have bridges or braces on your teeth. Easy Brush Standard comes in 10 and 16-count packages.Tapered interdental brush cleans tight teeth-great for braces


How to Improve Your Smile- Use Interdental Brushes


What is an Interdental Brush?

An interdental brush is a small brush that is used to clean the areas in between your teeth. A normal toothbrush cannot fit into these small spaces. A brush can be inserted and gently moved around in order to extract any food matter or plaque that has become trapped.

The Benefits of Using Interdental Brushes for your Dental Health
The main benefit of using interdental brushes is that they can help to prevent gum disease. You are removing plaque and food from hard to reach places so that they do not have time to create havoc in your mouth. This will help to reduce the amount of times you have to go see your dentist.

These types of brushes are great if you find using floss too difficult. You can hold these brushes in one hand and get the job done instead of tying yourself up in knots trying to manoeuvre the floss in place.

When Should You Use Them?
You should make using an interdental brush a part of your teeth cleaning routine. It is a good idea to use the brush when you clean your teeth before bedtime. During those hours of sleep, trapped food gets to work at slowly breaking down the enamel barrier on your teeth. By using an interdental brush, you can remove a lot of food and plaque, that your normal toothbrush has missed.

Using your interdental brush once a day is usually enough but if you want to use it in the morning too, that is no problem at all.


Watch this lady’s review. She’s funny and she really believes in the power of the interdental brushes!

The Different Types Available
Interdental brushes come in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing is that you choose the appropriate size for your teeth. The brush should not be too large because you will cause unnecessary discomfort if you try to force this tool in-between the gaps of your teeth. The brush should not be too small either, otherwise you will be just touching air instead of removing the plaque and undigested food pieces.

Interdental brushes are made in different sizes. You can speak to your dentist who will be able to advise you on the right size for your teeth. It is possible that you will need to use two different sizes as the gaps between the teeth nearer the back of the mouth might be larger than those nearer the front.

Short or Long Handle?
You can buy short handled disposable interdental brushes completely made from plastic. These are very handy if you want to pop a few into your washbag when travelling. Other interdental brushes look similar to the equipment that a dentist uses. They have a long thin handle and the brushes are inter-changeable.


Can you see how to improve your dental health with interdental brushes now?


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