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Durable and Stylish Countertops to Inspire Jealousy

A Remodel

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, you just need to re-do certain parts of your home to make it feel as though it’s still part of the modern age. Trends come and trends go, but a staple that has lasted for decades is the use of quartz. This beautiful and unique stone has not only been shown to be durable, but its unique design allows savvy homeowners to use it in innovative ways. One of the best methods in which to use quartz slabs is for quartz countertops Oregon. Sometimes an entire aesthetic for a kitchen or bathroom can evolve from a slab of quartz. Finding excellent quality slabs, however, may not be so easy.

A Source You Can Trust

Similar to slabs of marble or other fine stone, there are quartz knockoffs. Slabs that seem too good for its price are usually just that. To make sure you don’t fall victim to these scams, you need to ensure that the person you’re buying from is reputable and experienced. One such facility is EleMar Oregon. They’re a warehouse that stores some of the best quartz and marble slabs available in the area.

EleMar Oregon encourages you to take a trip to their facility and pick your slab yourself. While they can only sell to contractors and fabricators, you are allowed to choose what slab you desire for your home. Your contractor will just have to place the order for you. Which, in itself, is an excellent thing as it’s one less aspect of a redo or renovation that you have to worry about. Instead, you get to tour the large facility and find the perfect slab for your home and leave the nitty and gritty details to your contractor.

After touring EleMar Oregon, you’re sure to find quite a few slabs of quartz in which you take a delight. By selecting a new aesthetic for your kitchen or bathroom, you can make the quartz the shining focal point.

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