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Eyeliner should be easy

The eyes are the window to the soul, or so they tell me. But, when your eyeliner is a mess, it’s hard to see past it and into your soul. So, lets take a look at how easy eyeliner should be.

by Sisley – WOMEN – Phyto Khol Star Eyeliner – #2 Smoked Topaze –1.5g/0.05oz, Best Price: $68.76, | Shipping: 6.99, Available at Marketplace

A true khol eyeliner that can also be used for brows. It has easy application created through oils and soft waxes.

Line Exact Defining Eyeliner NO. 610 Brown by CoverGirl for Women – 0.02 oz Eye Liner, Best Price: $4.51, | Shipping: 5.48, Available at

The body of this marker style eyeliner is easier to hold than most, and the felt tip style makes control easy too.

Eye Care, 1.2g/0.04oz Eyeliner Waterproof – # 094 Trinidad Black for Women, Best Price: $59.20, | Shipping: 6.00, Available at Marketplace

A new waterproof eyeliner pencil for long wearing Unique formula gives non-stop intense color Easily define your eyes with just a stroke The beveled foam tip helps bend & soften the liner User friendly with blending tip & sharpener A must-have item for creating a glamorous look

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