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Eat Well When You Eat Out – Book Review

W 6558617377964032 hen you’re at home, healthy eating is something that’s fairly easy to do, even if you’re eating comfort foods. There are ways you can make comfort foods low fat and good for you.

But when you eat out, there are all sorts of things in the foods that can sabotage your healthy eating plan.

Many restaurant foods are high in calorie, packed with sodium, and loaded with saturated fats. So what ends up happening with a lot of people is they either skip restaurant eating altogether when they want to eat healthy or they count it as an “off the wagon” day and eat whatever.

You don’t have to sacrifice healthy eating when you eat out as long as you know what to look for.


In the book Eat Out, Eat Well: The Guide to Eating Healthy in Any Restaurant by Hope Warshaw, you can learn how to make dining out part of a healthy eating plan.

Regardless of whether you eat out weekly or not, you can learn how to locate the healthy choices that most restaurants do offer.

Just because a restaurant claims something is healthy, doesn’t mean it is. For example, you would think that having a salad is a low calorie, low fat meal. But that depends on what the restaurant puts on the salad. Some restaurant sauces and dressings can add hundreds of calories, a ton of fat grams and an entire day’s portion of sodium.

This book is perfect for people who want to eat healthy but it’s also a great guide for people who are struggling with diabetes. It can show you what food choices to make that will help keep your glucose numbers from spiking into an unhealthy range from a meal.

Plus, the book can help show which foods you can choose at restaurants that are good for someone who wants to pay attention to heart health. As an added bonus, if you’re trying to watch what you eat so that you can lose weight and still eat out, the book can help you with that as well.

6381281802190848 You’ll be able to choose healthy foods from fast food menus as well as foods from more upscale restaurants. The book offers some suggested meal choices as well as what size you should order in that particular meal.

The book shows consumers what they need to watch out for in foods when dining out and it also shows how you can ask for certain things to make your meal healthier.

If you have a child who has diabetes, the book can help guide you toward what foods to order that’s healthy for him. It also has a portion dealing with eating out when you have celiac disease or problems with gluten.

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