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LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket

The name LEGO has long been known for inspiring the imaginations of children everywhere. They’ve come up with all sorts of specific LEGO lines, including LEGO City, Superheroes, Friends, Ninjago and more.

But nothing gives your child more of an edge in the creativity department than to have free reign over their designs. If that’s something that you feel is important to the educational growth of your child, then that means investing in a LEGO Bricks and More Creative Bucket.

This is a literal bucket of LEGO goodies that allows your child to build anything they want – a house, a farm, a zoo – you name it! LEGO has several buckets that give kids the freedom to create things in their imaginations, but this particular one has a nice animal slant to it, which kids love.

LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket

You can let your child build the animals, create buildings and craft vehicles to get their LEGO characters from one place to another. It has more than 600 colorful bricks, and includes 321 rare bright blue ones!

The LEGO bricks come in a sturdy bucket that’s perfect for storage. And there’s plenty of extra room in the bucket if your child already has plenty of LEGOs and you’d like them organized somewhere neatly.

This is a perfect starter set of LEGOs for kids ages 4 and up. If you look at the reviews, you’ll notice that it’s good for another group of people, too – grown ups! Many adults build creations with LEGOs and this is a great kit for that.

The set comes with some ideas to help your child get started. It shows them how to build a few items, and then they’ll know how it all works and can run with their imagination from there!

If your child already has some of the mini figures, then they’ll be perfect for this set. It comes with one as well. There’s one thing you do need to buy separately if this is your child’s first LEGO set – a LEGO tray or board, as they’re commonly known.

The LEGO trays come in a few different colors, and they’re the flat boards that give your child a place to start building. You might want to get a couple of different sizes and colors for fun, like green for the creations where they want a grassy scenery. Every child will love getting the LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket as a gift, and you can bet they’ll immediately start showing you just how imaginative they can be!

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