Summer Fun With The LEGO Creator Treehouse Toy Set

Nothing brings back childhood memories more than the thought of a treehouse. Pair that memory with LEGO Creator Treehouse Toy and you have a sweet recipe for fun! The LEGO Creator Treehouse is a three in one secret spot that will fill your child’s imagination.



In addition to being a treehouse, they can transform it into a barn on a farm or a hut by the lake. The treasure map can be hidden in it – maybe in the hollowed out area – and your little one can have his LEGO figures use the telescope to scour the dark sky.

The tree has a couple of trunks and the roof of the treehouse comes off for easy play access. There’s even a ladder that folds down to allow more figures up in the tree. It comes with a storage area and a secret door that locks.

The LEGO characters can transport items up into the treehouse using the gray bucket and winch system. There’s also a red bucket, which they can use for imaginary water they might want to dump on an unwanted visitor.

If the set is in treehouse mode, it measures seven inches high, six inches wide and four inches deep.


Lake Hut

If your child wants to use the lake hut, then they can use the jetty with it. It also allows you to take off the roof, and the LEGO figures can whip up a tasty pizza in the pizza oven, too.

As a lake hut, it’s over three inches high, six inches wide and four inches deep.



If it’s in barn mode, then your son or daughter can plant a LEGO garden and use the little wheelbarrow to haul things around on the property. Everyone always wants to know about how big the LEGO sets are.

The barn comes in at over four inches high, four inches wide and four inches deep.


Accessories That Fit All 3 Options


There are 365 pieces in the LEGO Creator Treehouse set, and it’s good for ages seven and up. The LEGO blocks are normal size (not miniature or large), and the collectors enjoy the unique pieces, such as plates and bricks with angles.

In addition to the wheelbarrow, there’s also a wagon (it’s yellow) that the LEGO characters can use to haul around items to and from the treehouse. One of the characters that comes with it is a pet dog, and the other is a boy carrying a walkie-talkie. You also get a frog, which fits in perfectly with all three creations.



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