Nail Fungus – Yuck!

I work with the public and I see all kinds of fingers every day. Some of our customers have fingernail fungus. Yuck!

This condition can come from getting nail extensions, but there are a variety of other reasons that people end up with fingernail fungus.

The medical name for the condition is Onychomycosis. It means a fungal infection of the nail.

nail fungus

What Does Nail Fungus Look Like?

The appearance of this particular condition can be quite gross. The fingernail or toenail can become discolored. It will vary from person to person, but the nail can turn yellow or have a cloudy looking appearance and may even turn a greenish tint.

The texture can be quite rough and in some cases, the nail will crumble and fall away from the nail bed.

If this is left untreated, some people will actually lose the complete nail to this condition as the fungus slowly destroys the nail and all they’re left with a rough, discolored skin where the nail used to be.

My stomach turns just remembering what this looks like on some people.

Fingernail fungus can look like it should be painful, but the majority of sufferers do not feel any physical pain.


Reasons for Fingernail Fungus

There are several reasons why people get this infection. It can be down to the physical condition of the individual or down to the external environment. Here are just a few of the causes.


Poor Circulation

One of the reasons why fingernail fungus is linked to people who enjoy getting regular nail treatments and using nail extensions is due to the fact that this can lead to poor air circulation around the fingers.

Fungus can prosper in damp or moist areas so the use of nail extensions can become a great breeding ground for this condition.

Weak Immune System

If your body does not have the necessary vitamins and nutrients to fend off infections, then this can lead to the development of this condition. Nail fungus will take advantage of a weak immune system and will attack the nails without fear of any natural antibodies to prevent it from spreading.

Nail fungus will take advantage of a weak immune system and will attack the nails without fear of any natural antibodies to prevent it from spreading.

Effects of Trauma

It is very easy to injure your hands or feet. A simple knock against a hard surface can cause unseen trauma.

At the time, you may not even realize that your nails have been affected as you will feel fine, but the effect can go undetected until you notice a slight discoloration of your nail.


Nail fungus loves to grow in moist areas and the type of clothing that you wear can promote this type of environment.

If the hands are subjected to humid conditions, this can promote the growth of the fungus. A build up of moisture can occur in socks and shoes that are made from synthetic materials which also aids in the spread of this condition.


How to fix nail fungus

Depending on how far along the fungus is, you can use a topical over the counter product to treat it and beat it like the one featured below.

But, if the issue is too far along, you will have to see a doctor.


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