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So, the holidays are over and you are looking like the stress you just went through the last few months.

Your are tired, stressed out and aren’t eating well, right? It’s winter and it’s dry, so your skin is breaking out or just looks like the moisture has all been sucked out of it.

I get it!

You can use organic spa products to help fix all that! Organic spa products are free of chemicals and organically produced, according to Vogue India. These spa products contain organic matter that reinvigorates and refreshes your body.


Moisture Quenching Mask

Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask, Hydration and Relaxation, 1.69 Fluid Ounce , is a luxurious organic moisture infusing mask. This product will make your skin supple, rejuvenated and alleviate environment produced tightness. A key ingredient is seve marine, which helps your skin retain moisture. Thoroughly apply the mask twice a week to achieve maximum smoothness and hydration.

Spa Wisdom Polynesia Lotus and Frangipani Body Puree

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia Lotus & Frangipani Body Pureeis an outstanding spa product. It is a refreshing gel that is as smooth as silk. Frangipani and lotus extracts will calm you into a state of relaxation as if you were at the spa. The Samoan coconut oil will soften your skin as the rosehip and honey moisturize. Apply liberally onto the palm of your hand and gentle apply to the body using circular strokes.

Cucumber Mint Massage Soufflé

Vogue India rated the Cucumber Mint massage Soufflé as one of the best spa products. This revitalizing and replenishing hydration soufflé stimulates while healing the skin. The organic ingredients infuse your skin with nutrients and antioxidants to ensure radiance and softness. The restorative properties of mint blend nicely with the healing abilities of the dill. This product works beautifully on all skin types. Your skin is protected by the sweet almond oil and infused with Beta Carotene from the basil. Massage yourself into a healthy and relaxed state.

Flower Nectar Moisturizing Cream

Decleor Anti-Pollution Moisturising Creamis soothing layer of protection for your skin against harmful environmental conditions. The creamy moisturizer will bring back the skins smoothness and elasticity. The organic hydration system of the nectar will relax and reinvigorate your skin’s natural state. Use the cream in the morning after your face and neck are washed and towel dried. Apply it to the neck and face and the hydration process will begin.

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