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Pedigree Stackerz Dog Treats Review + Video

Influenster sent us some Pedigree Snackerz to try out recently. We received the product complimentary to test and/or review.

Sadly, the audio portion of the video is really bad, so I’ll try to type out what I said in the video and post it below. Just watch the video for cute dogs and turn down your volume on the video.


The 3 Amigos Review Pedigree Snackerz

Pedigree Stackerz is a soft, meaty treat that features real meat as the number 1 ingredient. Each treat combines two tasty flavors and has breakable pieces, making it perfect for any size dog. 2 great flavors in each treat. (product description)


So, by the time I’m doing this video most of the treats are gone already. We give them to the dogs when they come in from being out to do their business.

The first dog’s name is Kiko – he’s probably a Papillion mix and weighs about 11 lbs.

The second dog is Max – he’s a deer head Chihuhua and is old, his eyes are getting blind and cloudy. He weighs about 8 lbs.

The third dog is Murphy – he’s an apple head chihuhua. My daughter calls him an alien dog because of his big bulging eyes. Murphy weighs about 5 lbs.


While all the dogs love the treats, we found that they are a little too big for the two smaller dogs.

Each Pedigree Stackers treat is about 3 inches long and has two grooves where the stick can break apart. But, those smaller pieces are still a little tough for my guys to chew on, not that they would tell you this!

So, while the dogs enjoyed them, we humans find it takes an extra step or two to break them down enough to a smaller size for the dogs to eat.


Would I buy Pedigree Snackerz again?

Maybe, but there are other treats that are already smaller in size that the dogs like too.

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