Review: Private Selection Bread And Meat Rub

private selection artisan loaf Recently I was accepted into another BzzAgent campaign for Private Selection foods. I was given coupons for free items from the Private Selection line to use at my local Kroger store. I’ve been in other Private Selection foods campaigns and liked their food, so I joined this one to try out more items.

This time around I picked up some artisan bread, a steak rub and some pancake syrup. There have been a few campaigns in the past where the items I was sent coupons for weren’t in our local store yet. Not this time! I had quite a selection for the breads and rubs. The syrup only came in one flaor – maple.


Here’s what I got and what I thought.

Whole Clove Garlic Loaf Artisan Bread. We served this at room temperature with our version of steak stroganoff. The bread was yummy. It was soft, yet the coating was crunchy. There were chunks of soft garlic throughout the bread, but they weren’t soggy or hard. They blended in. The loaf wasn’t overly garlic the way some garlic breads can be.

Citrus & Savory Signature Rub. We’ve used this twice in our hamburger meat and liked it. I’m not sure how much we used each time, but I just sprinkled liberally onto the meat as I was mixing it in. The flavor isn’t exactly easy to describe. It’s not like there was a clear flavor of oranges or lemon, but there was something light and tangy, along with the flavor of a roasted vegetable. Maybe that is the “savory” part of Citrus and Savory?

We haven’t had the syrup yet, but will. I’m sure it’s good, but I’m not sure it’s worth the regular price. I’m also not a fam of the bottle it comes in. While the bottle looks nice, it isn’t easy to hold with arthritic fingers.

Would I buy any of it again?

I would buy the bread again for special dinners. I might try the other rubs to see if the flavors are as good. My daughter wanted it to be spicy, so maybe we’ll try to find one that is a little more hot.

In the past, we tried the Private Selection cheese and have fallen madly in love the blue marble. My youngest will eat a whole package if I don’t watch her.

This review is based on products that I was given free coupons to try out and share my thoughts about. I’m a member at and have been since 2008! You can sign up too if you like to share your opinions about products.


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