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Stylish Patio Storage Ideas

There are a lot of things that need to be kept safe on a patio. Things like gardening tools, hats, blankets, and even drinks that need to be kept somewhere so they won’t get lost and ruined. Whether you have a wood deck, a brick patio, or a wraparound porch, these storage ideas will fit in nicely with the theme of your patio.

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1. Coffee table cooler –
If you love entertainment, a carved limestone can double as a table and a cooler for your drinks. There is a stylish table top that slides to the side to reveal a cooler that can hold all of your drinks and keep them cold and refreshing for those warm summer days out on your patio.

2. Outdoor cubbies –
These cubbies can provide convenient storage and keep all of your things very organized. Labeling each compartment adds to the style and to the organization, as you will clearly be able to see where everything goes.

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3. Serving cart –
These carts are perfect for when you’re barbecuing outside. They double as a work area, serving stand, and a storage cabinet for all of your barbequing needs. The serving carts with stainless steel accents are also very easy to clean off, which will make it easier on you after the barbeque.

4. Ottoman –
The all-classic ottoman offers you three things in one. You get comfortable seating, storage, and when the cushion is flipped onto the other side, you get a functional end table.

5. Bench –
Benches can double as storage and a stylish piece of furniture to sit on. Tucking your garden hoses, children’s toys, and blankets used for outdoors is a great way to use this storage bench. A stylish bench can also add to the design of your patio.

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6. Potting bench –
If you’re overwhelmed by all the gardening tools and supplies you have, a potting bench is a perfect option for you. A potting bench can keep all of your gardening tools and supplies well organized and safe from the elements when not in use.

7. Mini shed
If you’re looking for a long-term storage situation, then a mini shed may be the thing for you. It doesn’t take up very much space and is perfectly sized for any of the things you have that might need a place to be.

8. Shelving –
With shelving, you can place blankets, firewood, gardening tools, and even plants. Shelving is very convenient and easy to add to any outdoor decor.

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9. Deck box –
These are very small storage units that can be used as multiple things. They can be used for dining, a serving station, and storage for pillows and blankets. A lot of these deck boxes are made from wicker so they will last you many years, as they are sturdy pieces of furniture.

So there you have nine options for creating more stylish patio storage ideas.
Which one is your favorite?

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