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Three Cat Scratching Post Options for Home

As a cat lover you already know that one problem you have to deal with is working out how to protect your furniture from your cat, because some cats are absolutely feverish about scratching anything they can get their claws into. Even our one de-clawed cat tried to scratch the back of our chairs!


Many homeowners report damage to their sofa and chairs because they neglected to get a cat scratching post. And you can’t stop them as cats just have to scratch!


It is how they keep their claws sharp and flexible for hunting…even if they only hunt for their supper dish. So be smart about it and get your cat used to using a cat scratching post as soon as you can, even when they are kittens.


Buying the right cat scratching post depends on how much room you have and where you will place it. Posts come in sizes from tall and skinny to larger ones that look like a miniature tree house.


A Cat Scratching Post That is More!

A house with more than one cat should look at purchasing this Armarkat cat scratching post. This post is beautiful designed and doesn’t have a huge base, so it can sit in the corner of almost any living room or basement rec room.


Starting from the base, there are five platforms. The Armarkat has more than one function.


Your cats can climb for exercise or lay on one of the upper platforms and relax. There are three posts arranged in a triangle shape that gives this cat post stability.


What’s really nice about this Armarkat post is the fact it will entertain the cat and your family. On the second platform, there is a little shelter where the cat can enter in one end and come out the other.


It’s like one of those cool little ceramic houses you see in the bottom of fish tanks. From the top of the Armarkat scratching post, your cat can sit and survey their domain and then practice leaping off onto the nearest prey.


Now if you like the idea of having a cat scratching post that features hiding holes, check out this one with two ramps, with the first one starting from the floor.


The Cat Tree

Amazon Image It’s called the Cat Tree and has a number of platforms. It is unlike most cat trees in that it has no whacky name, just Cat Tree.


You can find this tree on sites like Amazon. You’ll need to look at the size and all the functions of this tree to see if it will fit into your home décor.


This post has so much to offer and you can hang toy mice off the edges as well. The bottom hiding hole is perfect for a larger cat that just wants to have a quiet nap, instead of a scratching fit.



Just A Post Please

Amazon Image Looking for something small and funky for that one bedroom apartment? Then check out the Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge.


The shape of this lounger reminds me of the peppermint candies we used to get for Christmas. It also looks a beautiful bow for your hair. The Petfusion is perfect for one cat and is great for scratching or just stretching out to the fullest and having a nice nap.



Featured Product: Model No.: B5701; Covering Material: Faux Fleece; Covering Color: Ivory; Board Material: Pressed Wood; Post Diameter: 3-1/2-inch; Overall Dimensions: 28-inch (L) X 25-inch (W) X 57″(H); Max Holding Weight: 40 lbs;Great unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising

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