Wet n Wild megaslicks Lip Colour Review

Last week my lips were so dry it felt like winter rather than the end of summer. Out of desperation, I went to Walgreens one day to see what kind of moisture relief I could get for not a lot of money. My main problem is that I also wanted some color, so plain old lip balm wasn’t going to cut it. I checked out a couple of brands and didn’t see quite what I was looking for. Then, I came to the Wet n Wild section. This brand can be very hit and miss and this specific item is no different. I was attracted to the megaslicks moisturizing lip colour for a couple of reasons.

  • it’s a big fat pencil style that can be screwed up and down
  • there are several colors (at least 4, maybe more)
  • the packages says “moisturizing!
  • there were sale tags! I think I got 25% off, but I don’t remember now.

The color I chose looked like a medium dark mauve -wine color. However, on the lips, that’s not what it looks like. It’s lighter. However, I do like it.

  1. It is moisturizing
  2. It stains the lips a coral – ish color
  3. It is not sticky
This is the color Rico Muave

After wearing this for a couple days, I decided I wanted to try the other colors. I had put rico mauve color on before bed and woke up with great color still on my lips, and they did not feel dried out. In Walgreeens, they had another 3 colors and I chose Pinky Promise and Lady and the Vamp. I’m disappointed I those two colors. They aren’t as moisturizing and the color does not show up much. The Pinky Promise has a pretty shimmer, but that’s about it and Lady and the vamp just doesn’t show up on me. IMG_20140905_122443775 With the price being as low as it is, especially when on sale, I might buy another couple shades to see if they are as good as Rico Muave. Or, maybe I’ll just buy another couple of that color since it seemed to feel the best. What do you use for your lips?

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