What Are Kettlebells and How To Workout With Them

In the ever-evolving world of fitness, there’s always some new piece of equipment or gimmick to try. If you’re at all aware of fitness tools, you’ve heard of Body Solid Kettle Bells by now. It seems like they’re a new thing, but in reality, kettlebells have been used for centuries with excellent results.


Where Are Kettlebells From?

Kettlebells originated in Russia years ago, and look like cannonballs with handles attached to them. When you pick one up, depending on the size, you’ll find that it feels like you’re lifting a cannonball too!

This is the secret to this simple piece of exercise equipment that will help you carve out your perfect summer body. You’re working with these weights – between five pounds and 75 pounds – and when used correctly, weighty Body Solid kettlebells can really make a difference in your shape, helping you carve a strong, lean body from one that may not be so strong and might be sort of flabby.


What Are Kettlebells?

Other than cannonballs with handles, what are kettlebells? These kettlebells are round weights that have a hearty, graspable rounded handle – sort of like a stationary suitcase handle, on them. There are light kettlebells that work really well for beginners, and super-heavy ones for those who’ve been working out for some time.

Body Solid kettlebells are considered a superior brand of kettlebell for their smooth black finish that makes them easy to handle, their wide range of weight availability, and very reasonable price point. However, there are many goood brands on the market.


How Do I Use Kettlebells?

Using kettlebells is easy. You can effectively work on your shoulders, arms, back, core muscles, legs, and trapezius muscles. This means you can get a fairly comprehensive weight workout with kettlebells. And you’ll learn to do exercises with names like the clean, the snatch and the hang!

As an example, you can work the trapezius muscles, which are located in the upper back area, by holding one kettlebell with both hands in front of your body and then slowly raising and lowering your arms. Do this movement several times.

To work on your core muscle group, try the kettlebell windmill exercise. Press one kettlebell overhead with one arm. Keep this arm straight and locked. Now push your hip out into the direction of the arm that you have locked overhead. Turn your opposite foot out at about 45 degrees, and lower that side of your body to the floor. Touch the floor with your hand. Go back to starting position.

There are many, many very effective exercises you can do with kettlebells. But it’s important to note here that just like any form of exercise, you should learn to do the techniques before you just jump in and start flopping kettlebells around! Take some time to practice the basic kettlebell movements so you can do them effectively and safely.

Are Body Solid kettlebells worth trying? You bet! Even though kettlebells are an age-old exercise tool, the results they bring are definitely going to be appreciated in the 21st century.

Kettlebells haven’t stood the test of time for nothing! Lean, sleek, and toned muscles are the result of a good kettlebell workout. And that means more confidence and fun at the beach!



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