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EMUAID: Summer Vacation Busters and How To Fix Them

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As summer winds to a close, many are taking last-minute vacations to the beaches, mountains or other resort areas. These beautiful spots are relaxing for the whole family until someone develops a skin problem. Skin issues are one of the top reasons people seek medical treatment during summer vacation. Fortunately, having the right medicine on hand can stop summer skin issues and help everyone enjoy a better vacation.

Here are some tips to help you and your family deal with summer first aid emergencies and keep your vacation on track.

For cuts, scrapes and slight burns, clean thoroughly and apply a healing ointment. For most cuts, scrapes and slight burns, all that is necessary is to clean the area gently with soap and water and apply an effective ointment to begin the healing process. EMUAID ointment is ideal for minor cuts and other skin abrasions or burns. This homeopathic formula is applied directly to the skin and combines natural healing ingredients with growth stimulators for quick healing of minor skin wounds.

Learn to identify poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac . There is an old saying: “Leaves of three, let it be.” This reminds you that poison ivy and poison oak both grow leaves in sets of three. If you see green, shiny leaves on a plant in a v-shaped trio, do not touch the plant. Poison sumac is harder to identify; it grows in long fronds of seven to thirteen leaves and is usually found near water. If, after coming into contact with any plant, you or your family develops an itchy rash, immediately apply EMUAID for instant relief and to avoid spreading the rash to other parts of the skin.

For insect stings, watch for swelling. Most people can take a bee or wasp sting but some people are highly allergic. If someone is stung by a flying insect of any type, apply EMUAID and watch the person closely for the next hour. Any sign of swelling, especially around the throat, necessitates immediate emergency care. Do not wait—take a person having an allergic reaction to bee or wasp venom to the hospital immediately. Those who know they are allergic may wish to carry an emergency injection kit to combat bee or wasp stings instantly.

Look out for ticks. Lyme disease has been growing in the United States and is carried by a common tick. If you walk in the woods, be sure to wear protective clothing and tuck pants into boots. If you are bitten by a tick, remove the insect and place in a jar of alcohol, then apply EMUAID and watch the site of the bite for a few days. Lyme disease often announces itself as a target-shaped red rash at the point of contact with the tick. However, even if you do not develop a rash, be sure to visit a doctor if you feel sick after being bitten.

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your family safe on vacation. Be sure to take EMUAID, the all-natural first-aid treatment ointment, on your next trip.


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