Fall Makeup Look Review and Product Recomendations

The Makeup Geek is one of my favorite makeup Youtube stars, but I can’t afford the products that she uses most of the time. So, I’ve decided to try to find ways to create her looks without the expense.


Today’s Video

I love this look! But, I’m not going to wear that much makeup realistically. I would probably stop with the 4 or 5 base colors used in this video. Then, I’d use a simple eyeliner, some mascara, and I’d be done.

I’m also on a strict budget, so for what I don’t have at home already, I’d buy from either BHCosmetics or E.L.F cosmetics because their prices are very good – better than drug stores, and their quality is often good too.

So, below are my choices for colors, types of products and tools that are close to what Marlena uses in her video. I’m only covering eyes here.

(yes, the links below are affiliate links, so I might make a little bit of money if you click through and actually buy something. It helps pay for this blog, and anything I buy to test in the future)


bh cosmetics fall eye shadowsBHCosmetics:

Fluffy blending brush –

Flat brush –

Custom palette:

I would pick the 6, rather than the larger numbers, but if you want to get more “looks” then go for a larger palette. Here are the colors that I think match up best to what Marlena uses in her video. (the skinny photo below) Sorry, I can’t seem to link directly to each shade.

bh cosmetics coffee
This would take the place of the base color (mac) that she used.



elf fall colors palette E.L.F. cosmetics:

For the base color in brown, you could go two ways with the ELF products.

You might also be able to use this palette. The benefit to this one is that the rest of the makeup could work for the rest of the “face” that Marlenea shows too. (this one is on sale too!) elf fall palette too


So, I hope you enjoy this feature, and I’ll continue to try finding alternatives to the expensive brands in order to get a look a like style.

Be sure to leave me comments about what you use, hate, or love when it comes to makeup!

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