Five Ways to Cut Spending That You Won’t Notice

Every family and every individual know the importance of cutting spending in today’s economy. However, many of these individuals do not realize that cutting spending in little ways can also help in this endeavor.

If you cut spending in many little areas, they will add up to significant amounts and the effect on your daily life can be minimal. The rewards, however, can be maximum.


1. Carpooling

As simple as this sounds, carpooling can save you tons of money, time, and even wear and tear on your car. You may not realize the major impact multiple short trips have on your vehicle. By taking short distance trips frequently, you literally ruin your brakes. Stop and go and neighborhood driving is terrible for your vehicle. By carpooling, you save the wear and tear on your brakes and your tires, as well. Saving gas is an added bonus.


2. Lightening the Load

While on the subject of vehicles, by lightening the load in your car, you can save on gas. The heavier your car is bogged down with junk, the less efficient your gas mileage is. If you have heavy cases of water, tools, or heavy-duty hockey equipment, lightening the load will get you better gas mileage.


3. Pay Cash at the Pump

Unless you use a cashback card and use it the right way, you end up paying more for your gas when you put it on your credit card. Paying cash also saves you money on every gallon. There are debit card and credit card fees attached when you use your plastic. However, if you make sure to only buy what you have cash to cover and you actually transfer the money over to pay off the credit card, then you might actually earn money on your purchases if you have a cash back type of card.


4. Make It a Night In

If you are used to eating out for convenience, get used to cooking and eating in more often. If you incorporate the entire family, it will not seem like such a chore. Have one person set the table, another clear, one cook, and another clean up. For pennies on the dollar, you can have a great meal, save money, eat healthy, and bond with your family. It is a win/win situation all around.


5. Keep the Plastic at Home

As simple as this sounds, keeping your plastic at home when you go out shopping will save you tons of money in impulse spending. Bring exactly enough cash for what you need. If you have spendable income, decide before you leave the house how much of that money you will spend and bring only that amount.

By bringing cash and no plastic, you will buy only what you need and leave the store unscathed. Once you arrive home, you will realize that you did not need that bright aqua silk scarf that would not have matched with anything anyhow.


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