Save Money during your Vacation

Save Money during your Vacation

Vacations can be expensive, especially those that involve flying. Because of the major outlay of cash that is required to travel these days, you must make sure that you do whatever you can to save money during your trip. This is a lot easier than most people make it out to be. Many of the best ways to save money during a vacation come down to simple common sense.


If you plan out a budgetary strategy prior to your trip and stick to it, you will come home with much more money in your bank account. Affordable hotels in Orlando can be found by searching various websites that specialize in deals on travel accommodations. Here are some of the best ways for you to save money during your vacation.

1. Do not tip constantly

People who live in the United States get in the habit of tipping for everything. However, this practice is not expected in many foreign countries. Therefore, tipping people who are not expecting it is the same as throwing money away. You also need to be aware that many vacation resorts already add the tip onto your bill at the end of your stay. If this is the case, you will not need to tip the staff. It is important to know if the place you are staying at will be including the tip on your bill. Before you make reservations at a resort, find out if they will be doing this. Knowing this in advance will prevent you from tipping people who are already going to be tipped. If you are vacationing in a place where tipping is expected, make sure that you only tip when it is absolutely necessary. If you receive truly outstanding service that is above and beyond what is normally expected, give the person something extra. However, you should avoid tipping just for the sake of tipping.

2. Public transportation should always be used

You will need a way to get around during your vacation. While a taxi is very fast and it can take you directly from point A to point B, it is much more expensive than taking a subway, train or bus. While it may be uncomfortable to be riding around with a bunch of other people, the money you will save by doing this will be quite substantial. Taxis should only be used in emergency situations where you absolutely need to make it to a certain destination at a certain time. Taxis also come in handy if you are dressed in nice clothes and you do not want them to become dirty or damaged on a bus or subway. However, if you are not in one of these emergency situations, public transportation is a much more affordable way to get around town.

3. Breakfast for free at hotels

Food will also be a major expenditure during your trip. This is why you should jump at the chance to get a free meal whenever it is available to you. There are many hotels that include a free breakfast with your room. This is one less meal you will need to pay for each day during your trip. Therefore, when you are looking at hotels to stay at, call the hotels and find out which ones offer a free breakfast.

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