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How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Getting the Right Nutrients?

What your dog eats is important to his health. Just like a human life, a dog will go through stages of growth and periods of his lifespan when he’ll need different levels of nutrients.


Stages Of A Dog’s Life

Your dog is going to go through the gamut of life stages. From puppy or senior dog, the nutritional needs are not the same at all stages in a dog’s life. If your dog is expecting puppies, there’s an additional need for nutrition just like a human mother would have.


You have to make sure that your dog is getting the right amount of calories that are suitable to his stage in life as well as whether he’s more or less active. If you notice that your dog weighs more than is healthy for him, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s getting enough nutrients.


Signs of poor nutrition

There are certain signs to watch for in your pet that can tell you if your dog is getting the right nutrients or not.

  • dull coat
  • dandruff
  • watery eyes
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • lack of energy

Dandruff and a dull coat can be signs that your dog is missing some important nutrients in his diet. Not getting enough fatty acids can lead to skin and coat issues.


If your dog struggles with constipation or diarrhea, those are both signs that he’s not getting the right kind of ingredients in his food.


When your dog appears to have little or no energy, that can be a sign that he’s lacking in nutrients or he’s not absorbing the nutrients in the food he’s eating. This usually happens with dogs who aren’t fed enough or ones who are fed poor quality food.


Runny eyes or other signs of allergies in dogs can be a side effect of poor nutrient intake. Using a better quality food can help get rid of allergies your dog might have.


What is Good Nutrition For Dogs?

It’s imperative that he has a diet that’s rich in the omegas. He needs both omega 3 as well as omega 6.


These are the nutrients that will help your dog have strong bones and will keep his internal organs in good shape. They also help keep his digestive system working properly.


If your dog isn’t getting enough of the omegas, you’ll notice that he tends to have a lot of infections, he’ll have runny eyes and he’ll have allergies.


A lack of vitamin A can look like eye problems and frequent sickness. Your dog needs this vitamin to absorb the nutrition from what he eats.


Eye problems in a dog can also be a sign that he’s lacking enough vitamin E.


Dogs that have a lack of vitamin B will experience eye problems and possible heart problems if the lack is great enough. To check if your dog has some type of vitamin B deficiency, you can test his tongue. If it looks brown or black, his lack is high enough to be concerning. Low vitamin B levels can even be fatal to a dog.


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