LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser Review

When little girls started complaining that the line was primarily catering to boys, LEGO responded with a line more slanted for its female base – the LEGO Friends line.


One popular set, the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser, is popular with both genders right now. What kid doesn’t want to own a LEGO cruise yacht?


The Cruiser

The cruiser is pretty big for LEGO sets, measuring more than fourteen inches long, six inches high and seven inches wide. It has a captain’s deck, chaise lounges, and a waterslide.


It also comes with a bow deck and snack bar. All the typical rooms are included, too – such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom with shower, and living room.


There are many other accessories to decorate with, including a couch, plant, glasses and food, and more. If your child wants to play inside the cruiser, you can split it open easily.

LEGO People

The LEGO figures, Mia, Maya and Andrew, along with two dolphin friends, can enjoy a complete vacation of a lifetime on this cruiser!


If your child has other sets in the LEGO Friends line, then they can bring other friends onboard, or swap out accessories like clothing and hair. Because it’s LEGO, all of the parts are interchangeable with other sets.


Not For Real Water

As for water toys, there’s no lacking in fun. The set comes with a water scooter and water skis. If your child’s character wants to look for dolphins, they can use the dolphin sonar that comes with it, too! If a dolphin is spotted, there’s food they can feed it.


During play, just take the roof off the yacht and your child can play inside the cabin. Just make sure you don’t let them put it in real water because it doesn’t float and isn’t made for a real lake (or bathtub). The bricks will sink.


With 612 pieces, the yacht is ideally geared for LEGO fans ages 7-12, but many older collectors love it, too. They’ll put the set together one deck at a time, and then position the accessories of the yacht however they want to!


Make sure you help your child build an entire world of LEGO Friends. Some of the other popular ones include Stephanie’s Beach House, and the Heart Lake City Pool – perfect accompaniments to the yacht for summertime fun settings if your child loves to make believe her characters are on vacation.


Amazon Image Featured Product: LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser Set course on an ocean adventure aboard the Dolphin Cruiser with Mia, Maya, and Andrew. Keep the day filled with activities from sliding down the water slide to taking the water scooter out for a spin. Relax in the sun on the deck on chaise loungers and serve yummy fruit drinks on the picnic table blended up at the snack bar. Open up the top of the boat to explore the rooms inside including a bathroom with a shower to get ready to the nights activities and a room with a cozy bed to rest.Includes Mia, Mya, Andrew, and two dolphin mini-doll figures

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