Kick Ass Ladies Motorcycle Boots

Ladies Motorcycle boots

Fall is here, and the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy is on TV again. So, it’s no wonder that with the popularity of women in motorcycle clubs (thanks Gemma Teller Morrow), wearing kick ass motorcycle boots is in style again.

Maybe it never really went away?

Motorcycle boots for women come in all shapes, sizes and colors now. There is still the classic mid-calf black hard sole boot with a buckle or two at the ankle, but the style has evolved along with the need for protection of women’s legs while riding on a bike.

There’s no reason you can’t find something stylish that will fit your lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at some kick ass motorcycle boots for women.

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With a mix of ladies motorcycle boots – From rugged, to sexy and over the top bling, Motorcycle boots might not seem like a summer choice, but they may just be even more important during the hot months of the year! You probably need the protection from hot roads and bike pipes even more.


Tall womens motorcycle boots

Ever had your leg burned while riding on a bike? It sucks. Knee length boots in leather are the best thing to protect your lower legs while riding. The great thing is that you can get them in rugged styles or fancy high heels. Whatever you need, you can find them. And, in all colors too.
You can get your boots in leather or pleather, as long as they cover your legs, that’s the important thing. Of course, thicker leather won’t melt like man made materials would if you get it up against a hot tail pipe, so leather might be your first choice.

I think that there are plenty of good choices for thicker materials that aren’t leather if you prefer to save a cow or two. I love a good pair of knee length biker boots for everyday wear, not just riding a bike. They are good in snow, and rain if you treat them before getting them wet. Check out the knee length styles I found at Amazon below.

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