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Two Strengths A New Business Owner Needs

Anyone who decides to take the steps to start a business will encounter obstacles. The obstacles may take the form of financial setbacks, a lack of support from others in the industry or lack of support from family members.


A person with persistence sets his or her goal of starting a business and doesn’t let anyone interfere with that goal. In fact, a persistent person may even welcome these types of challenges. They serve as motivation for the person to push through and make a business plan into reality.

A Talent for Communicating with Others

In some cases, a person who wants to start a business must garner the financial support of investors. The money from investors can help with start-up costs and cover expenses as the business grows. A business owner who is able to communicate effectively with potential investors and others is able to get the money needed for the business.

The person’s manner or method of expressing him or herself may make a positive impression on potential investors. In short, they believe in the person and decide to invest in his or her idea. David Kiger is one example of an entrepreneur who has a talent for communicating with customers, business owners and others.

The Ability to Adjust Expectations

As a business starts to take shape, there may be times when things don’t work out according to the original plan. For instance, perhaps the owner had plans to rent an empty store on a busy street in the business district of a particular city. The location is ideal for customers who live nearby as well as those who work in the area.

Unfortunately, the empty store is claimed by someone else before the business owner has the opportunity to rent it. A person with the ability to adjust his or her expectations won’t let this setback interfere with the ultimate goal of opening a business. Instead, this circumstance will make the owner more determined to find a better location that is even more accessible to potential customers.

Finally, the owner of a new business must thoroughly believe in his or her idea. It has to be the main focus of the person’s life until the business is up and running. All of these personal qualities along with others contribute to an individual’s success with a new business.

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