Tagg GPS Pet Tracker - Dog and Cat Collar Attachment
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Tagg GPS Pet Tracker – Dog and Cat Collar Attachment

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker – Dog and Cat Collar Attachment will help you to never worry about losing your beloved pet again. This small device will bring you peace of mind and help you keep your furry family members from getting too far away from you.

It happens to the best of us

Even the most responsible pet owners can come home to find that their dog or cat has gotten out of the yard. This device will allow you to find out exactly where your pet is and then will give you a map with directions on where to find your pet. You can then track where your pet is in real time using an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The tracker is accurate – even in rural areas. It’s also very specific and detailed. You’ll be able to find your pet’s exact location and go right to him. If you’ve dealt with an escape artist pet, then you know that it can cause a lot of stress and grief when you can’t find your beloved animal.

This tracker also has a built-in additional feature that tracks your pet’s activity to tell you if he’s getting enough exercise. This is another way to ensure that your dog or cat is healthy and happy.


It’s comfy for your pets

This is a very lightweight tracker, so it’s not likely to bother your pet in any way and they probably won’t notice it much at all. This tracker is made from sturdy material and slides right onto your pet’s existing collar.


It does have a cost

There’s a subscription fee to use this service. When you purchase the system, you get two months for free – and after that, there’s a low monthly fee to continue to get tracking service using their cellular network.

You’ll find this is a very reasonable fee and worth your peace of mind and the safety of your pet. When your dog gets outside of the perimeter you set, you can set the app to send you emails and text message alerts.


Customers love the Performance

And the battery life is outstanding – it lasts approximately 30 days before you need to recharge it. Charging is easy with the docking station included in your box.

Customers who have purchased this tracker are thrilled with its performance. It brings a lot of relief to be able to find your pet when you don’t have a fenced in yard or your animal finds a way to escape.


The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker will help you make sure your furry family member doesn’t get lost and give you the peace of mind that you crave.

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