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Advantages Offered by Ceramic Fiber Module Lining

High heat applications require specialized materials. The materials that are designed to handle these high temperatures, such as what is seen in kilns, pizza ovens and more, are typically purchased from ceramic fiber insulation suppliers. One product that offers a number of advantages compared to traditional refractory lining is ceramic fiber module. Some of the specific benefits offered by this product can be found here.

Low Density

fiber-module-blueThe ceramic fiber module lining is up to 70 percent lighter than lightweight options of insulation brick. It is also 75 to 80 percent lighter than the castable lining. This means it can significantly decrease the load on the furnace’s steel structure, thereby prolonging the body’s useful service life.

Low Heat Capacity

The linings heat capacity is typically proportional to the lining’s weight. If it has a low heat capacity, it means there are less heat absorption and a high temperature raising speed. The heat capacity of ceramic fiber is only a seventh of what lightweight fire clay and lightweight refractory lining offer, which reduces the overall energy consumption significantly. This is especially true if the furnace is operated on an intermittent basis.

Mechanical Shock and Thermal Shock Resistance

Ceramic fiber module is a product that is extremely flexible. This allows it to have a superior resistance to fluctuations in temperature, as well as mechanical vibrations.

Where can Ceramic Fiber Module be Used?

There are a number of ways that ceramic fiber module can be used in high heat equipment. Some of the most common applications include furnaces, kilns, incinerators, boilers, industrial heaters, and a number of other high-temperature insulation applications.

The product is available in a number of thicknesses and crafted with the highest quality materials available on the market today.

The Bottom Line

If you work in an industry that utilizes a device or piece of equipment that reaches high temperatures then knowing about the different insulation options is a must. In most cases, finding a reputable supplier of these products will take some time, but be well-worth the effort in the long run. Using the right product will lead to the highest level of efficiency. In the long run, this will save you quite a bit of money in regard to energy costs and heat loss. Be sure to use the right ceramic fiber product for your application. This will ensure you can reap all the benefits that have been outlined here.

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