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Three Steps to Solve Your Mosquito Problem

Your yard can become overwhelmed by a mosquito infestation, and as you well know, it can become uncomfortable to be outdoors, especially in the warm evenings. The problem can become so bad that you cannot entertain guests. However, there are certain things you can do to eliminate this problem from your property. The following are the most important things you can do and in the order that you should do them.

Eliminate the mosquito’s breeding grounds

Females look for water to lay their eggs, so you must destroy any possible area that they can do this. You are looking for any place where water may gather after it rains or perhaps after watering your lawn. Do a thorough search in your yard, and don’t forget places that are above ground. Anything that collects water is a possibility. Your rain gutters are a good example. If they have not been regularly cleaned, there may be stoppages in certain sections of the gutters, and this can become a place for mosquito eggs to hatch. Make sure you do a thorough inspection of your property.

Use a pesticide on your yard

The next step is to use a pesticide that is formulated for mosquitoes in your yard. There are different ways to go about this. You can use a plastic tank that operates with air pressure that you manually pump up. This tank attaches to a short hose and a wand that allows you to spray in specific areas. You don’t want to spray insecticide in a blanket manner all over your yard. This can create a health problem. You want to spray where mosquitoes are most likely to be during the daytime. This is usually in dark areas, especially in bushes and other types of shrubbery. Always follow manufacturer’s directions for the specific chemical you are using. An alternative is to call a pest control company to do the spraying for you.

Maintenance and control

There are several mosquito control products on the market that will help you keep the population under control. You will never be able to completely destroy mosquitoes, but you can use things such as mosquito traps to prevent another infestation in your yard. There are also various repellents that are effective in keeping new groups of mosquitoes away from your yard.

If you have a mosquito problem on your property, do not despair. Use the three steps listed above, and you will have your mosquito problem under control in no time.

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