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How to Teach Your Youngster to Be Humble but Strong

You’ve probably heard the old comparison between children and sponges. Kids are strong and resilient, soaking up every bit of information and experience that their minds can handle from an early age. With that said, most of who your kiddo will become is more nurture and less nature. Ergo, you should instill strength and a humble spirit in your youngsters to help them become positive, well-rounded, kind adults.


Set Expectations for Household Help, like Chores

If your kiddo can access a computer or a video game by themselves, they can handle chores, like washing and folding their own laundry, or sweeping the kitchen floor. You should expect them to help with chores because your house is theirs too. Everyone should pitch in to keep the home clean and organized. Setting these sorts of expectations teaches responsibility and reliability. Not saying you should set standards like industrial factory cleaning, but you should definitely expect a certain level of neat and tidy from everyone in your household.

Encourage Hobbies, Strengths, and Passions

Your children are their own little people, with passions, hobbies, strengths, and likes all their own. You should strive to encourage all of those, which sets a high bar for their confidence and emotional stability. When they feel you approve and accept them for who they are, they feel secure enough to set goals that lead to success. Does your kid love to paint and draw? Encourage them to be artsy, creative, and crafty with a space for their artworks. Invest in totes for their art supplies, art books, and creative keepsakes. Or, does your kid want to learn the ins and outs of web design and development? Check available domain names for a starter website that your kiddo can learn with and work on over time. You never know—you may be raising the new Van Gogh or Steve Jobs.


Never Belittle Your Kids for Their Flaws or Weaknesses

Your kids are only humans—so, of course, they have their fair share of flaws and weaknesses. And, more often than not, they know exactly what those flaws and weaknesses are, so they don’t need reminders. Never, ever belittle your kids for what they can’t do or be. Instead, focus on boosting their self-esteem for what they can do and become.

Being humble is being happy with what you have, and that’s a lesson you should teach your kiddos as soon as they are able to understand it. Always encourage your youngster to love themselves, reach for their realistic goals, and set bars for what they deem success in their lives.

I'm Jenn Alex, a single mom , part time Business and Personal Coach, website designer, and style writer. You'll usually find me writing about fashion, working from home, or special needs kids and the parents who care for them.

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