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You Should Know This Before Buying A Generator

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Generator

A home generator can protect your home by providing power when a power outage occurs. Standby generators that are permanently installed can provide days of uninterrupted power, so your home can function normally if you lose power. A home generator offers numerous benefits, but there are important things you should know before you purchase one.

Consider the Capacity

The size of your generator should be determined by your emergency needs in a power outage, a temporary situation. You don’t need a generator to power your home’s needs on a daily basis. That should be accomplished through your local utility company and their power grid. When purchasing a generator, keep in mind that the higher the generator’s capacity, the more circuits it can power at once. A large whole-house generator can comfortably power your entire house for several days, but it can cost up to $20,000. A smaller, air-cooled generator will be cheaper, but it can only supply power to a few circuits at one time. A quality essential-circuit system starts at around $3000, not including installation. Before you purchase a home generator, it’s best to consult a professional who handles Generac generators Houston who can calculate your capacity needs for an accurate load analysis.

Hire a Professional Installer

Before purchasing a generator, it’s best to hire a professional to assess your load needs, as well as the location for installation. If you plan to fuel your generator with natural gas, you will be required to install a high-pressure, high-volume gas line. Typically, gas fueled generators require gas supplied at 5 to 7 inches of water-column pressure for maximum safety. If this is not available in your area, you may have to pay an extra utility fee to your gas company to get more pressure. Without adequate pressure for the gas supply, the generator can become damaged.

If you plan to install a standby generator which requires permanent installation in your yard, don’t attempt to install it yourself. A standby generator requires a professional installer with expert electrical and plumbing skills, experience, and a knowledge of local building codes. You’ll need to get a permit to install the generator and an inspection when installation is completed, so you need to factor those costs into your budget.

Cities often have noise ordinances and space requirements that apply to generators, so your location may impact the type of generator you can purchase. If you live in an urban city area, restrictions my prohibit installation.

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