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Here Are Gorgeous Pergola Shade Cover Ideas

Do you want to change the look of your patio? You can improve the appearance by putting up pergola shade cover. The pergola shade will make your patio livable during the hot weather. The pergola shade will protect you and your guest from the heat.

Below are pergola shade cover ideas:

A. You should select an adjustable or a rectangle pergola shade cover

Full cover pergolas can really provide maximum shades. However, there are cases when you also need sunlight, like in the cold weather. If this is the case then you should get an adjustable pergola.

B. You should add a pergola in the pool side

Pergolas are not only for patios, it is also good in the side of the pool.

If there is a pergola in your pool then you have a shady spot to relax in.

C. Try to put curtains that has colors that stand out

Pergola can protect you from the sun however during sunset it is not that helpful anymore. You can be safe from the sunlight if you add a curtain in the side of the pergola. Choose a curtain that has colors that will really stand out.

D. Select a design that is edgy

Pergolas comes in different shapes. It is best if you choose a shape that you really like. You should match the shape of your pergola to the curve of your landscaping

E. The pergola should match furniture in your patio

The design of your patio must look like a professional designer put your patio together. It is crucial that the materials and the color of your pergola and furniture should match.

F. You need to select a theme

There are a lot of themes that you can choose from such as modern theme, nautical theme and many more. If you want a modern theme then you need to get black furniture with white cushions and a taupe pergola, and if you want a nautical theme then you should buy white wooden furniture, striped cushions and a gray pergola. You should select a theme that will really suit your taste.

G. Try adding a vertical garden or an accent wall

If you want your patio to look like an oasis then you should put up an accent wall at the side of the pergola.

Then, next you can make a vertical garden by adding containers on the wall. I would suggest that you put ferns in this container or plants that have large leaves. When you do this you are making a tropical atmosphere. You can also put herbs.

You can really have endless choices when it comes to choosing a pergola.