Lighten The Living Room

The living room is often a blank canvas. It's a room that is easy to remodel at any time as you can usually combine a variety of colors, patterns and textures in the room that will deliver a look that the family and visitors will enjoy. Whether the room is small in size or has enough room for everyone to lounge on a couch and several chairs, there are a few popular design ideas that you can think about when you want to start a remodeling project. Find a contractor today who can discuss the work that will be involved and if there are any new trends that the company has seen in homes that might be incorporated in your own living room.

Add texture to the walls with ceiling medallions. Paint the walls in one color, such as white or yellow. Paint the medallions in the same color, attaching them to the walls so that there is an illusion of depth. The idea works well if you want to highlight one wall of the room while hanging a television on another wall. The medallions can usually be placed in one day because all you need is an adhesive caulk that dries fairly quickly.

If there isn't a lot of natural light in the living room, then it can appear very dark. This can keep the family from wanting to sit in the living room because it's so dim. You can add new ceiling lights or new lamps on the side tables for additional brightness, but that can start to reflect on your electric bill. A contractor can help by installing new windows that are larger than what you have. Another idea is to paint the walls white. You can also change the flooring to hardwood or carpet in a lighter color. French doors are also an idea if you have a deck or patio near the living room. Upholstered seating can be placed around a coffee table that has a light oak design to further add life and a vibrant look to the living room so that it can be a space to enjoy.